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10 ways to inform parents about secondary transition

Whatever the setting or location, parents seem to have the same universal concerns about the transition from Year 6 to Year 7. This headteacher offers some key tips to help parents feel as informed as possible No matter where you’re based or the context of your primary school, the questions from parents and the issues surroundingContinue reading “10 ways to inform parents about secondary transition”

7 ways to help EAL pupils transition into secondary

Transition between primary and secondary school is particularly tough for EAL students. 11th May 2021 at 4:32pm While the markers of effective learning and good teaching are the same at primary and secondary level, differences in teacher delivery and presentation style within lessons can make the “feel” and experience for a pupil transitioning very different. TheContinue reading “7 ways to help EAL pupils transition into secondary”

5 ways to think about transition differently

Secondary schools can make the transition less daunting for new students by introducing elements of primary school life. Katie Tomlinson 26th April 2021 The transition from primary to secondary is always a huge moment in a pupil’s education journey – no wonder, given that they are leaving the security of being in the same classroomContinue reading “5 ways to think about transition differently”

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