Why all schools should consider implementing ‘Stop Weeks’.

  As the optimism of the new term fades, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything going on – but that’s exactly why taking time to stop can be highly valuable, says this leader Why schools should start considering a ‘Stop Week’ As a teacher of almost 30 years, I still find it striking thatContinue reading “Why all schools should consider implementing ‘Stop Weeks’.”

Room at the top?

Room at the top? It is no secret that the teaching profession is overwhelmingly female yet, in the UK, male teachers are almost twice as likely to hold leadership positions as their female colleagues. Within international settings, statistics demonstrate even less equity. According to data from the Academy of International School Heads (AISH), over theContinue reading “Room at the top?”

Self reflections: Growing. Learning. Moving forward.

I was recently looking for a new leadership position and this caused me to reflect in a more focused way on what my core purpose and philosophy is and how this is demonstrated in my behaviours as a leader. I have been a headteacher now for 15 years and I am very different now toContinue reading “Self reflections: Growing. Learning. Moving forward.”

The Shadow Of COVID

The Shadow of COVID from THE FOBISIAN June 2021 Term 3 Issue 36 by FOBISIA Kate Tomlinson, Head of Primary, Sri KDU International School The monitoring and evaluating of teaching and learning remained a high priority for us when we first entered lockdown and the world of Virtual School in Malaysia in March 2020. With a pendingContinue reading “The Shadow Of COVID”

10 ways to inform parents about secondary transition

Whatever the setting or location, parents seem to have the same universal concerns about the transition from Year 6 to Year 7. This headteacher offers some key tips to help parents feel as informed as possible No matter where you’re based or the context of your primary school, the questions from parents and the issues surroundingContinue reading “10 ways to inform parents about secondary transition”

7 ways to help EAL pupils transition into secondary

Transition between primary and secondary school is particularly tough for EAL students. 11th May 2021 at 4:32pm While the markers of effective learning and good teaching are the same at primary and secondary level, differences in teacher delivery and presentation style within lessons can make the “feel” and experience for a pupil transitioning very different. TheContinue reading “7 ways to help EAL pupils transition into secondary”

5 ways to think about transition differently

Secondary schools can make the transition less daunting for new students by introducing elements of primary school life. Katie Tomlinson 26th April 2021 The transition from primary to secondary is always a huge moment in a pupil’s education journey – no wonder, given that they are leaving the security of being in the same classroomContinue reading “5 ways to think about transition differently”

7 ways to get school development plans back on track

When Covid is under control, how can you get long-term strategic thinking back on the agenda? Published in TES March 8th 2021 In 1940, when London was in the midst of bombings, fighting an invasion and dealing with the hopelessness of the Second World War, a small number of Education Board members set about planning aContinue reading “7 ways to get school development plans back on track”

5 ways to ace recruitment during COVID

Published to TES 16th March 2021 With fewer international teachers moving jobs right now, schools need to stand out from the crowd. Recruitment is a competitive world in international teaching at the best of times. But during a pandemic it’s even tougher. Yet this year we have noticed a significant increase in the quality ofContinue reading “5 ways to ace recruitment during COVID”

Seven tips for Professional Development (without a training course in sight!)

Published in TES 2nd April 2021 In all the interviews I have conducted in my time as a headteacher, I always ask candidates about their Professional Development and how it has impacted their practice. Without fail, nine out of ten will reference a recent training course.  While there’s nothing wrong with that answer of course,Continue reading “Seven tips for Professional Development (without a training course in sight!)”